Los Angeles based Arnold, has loved photography since he can remember. Self taught photographer, he found his niche when collaborating with founders of Runway Icon. This alliance helped Arnold enter the realm of fashion photography. He instantly fell in love with this genre and spent years mastering this. ARP Shots Photography currently operates in the Los Angeles, Santa Clarita and Orange Country areas.

He enjoys high fashion shoots as well as covering beauty pageants and fashion events. His portfolio includes several look books, editorials and features on designers and models. More recently the attention and curiosity has been dabbling in wedding photography. This is the new direction Arnold plans to venture in exploring the fashionable aspect of elaborate weddings. He believes it’s significant to capture the most special memories in a couples life and would like to use elements of his fashion background in his presentation style.

Driven by the passion to forever capture moments in time, he believes that the benefits of this trade are just priceless. Arnold simply described is passionate, considerate and simple. His individuality is clearly reflected in his work.
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